Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Love Always Has the Right of Way

As I was waiting for the bus this morning, I noticed an ambulance driving by. The ambulance had to abide by the traffic laws because its siren wasn't on; and no cars moved out of its way.

All motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are aware that in an emergency situation normal traffic laws are suspended in order to give the ambulance or emergency vehicle the right of way. Once the vehicle has been let through, then and only then can normal traffic laws be resumed.

I believe focusing on and being Love i.e. that which is the substance of all, is the equivalent of being in an emergency situation where the normal laws are replaced by Higher Laws, which are often described as "miraculous."

On the bus yesterday I was stuck in traffic. I asked Love to dissolve the traffic. The next thing I knew the driver was announcing that he was terminating at the next stop. How odd! I asked the driver why and he said there was too much traffic and he couldn't get through. I got off the bus and waited for another bus. Logic dictated that I should catch another bus going a different route but the Voice of Love advised me to stay put. The next bus was a Routemaster, one of a few available, and it was going where I wanted to go. I sat upstairs. I was really excited to be travelling on a Routemaster again. I noticed the road ahead was completely clear and my bus sailed right through to my destination.

I put Love first.
I see only Love.
I live by Love's Laws.
Love always has the right of way.


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Image by Matthew Cromer